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M,W,F: 11-7  T&R 11-6  SA 10-3
TIM: DEC. 24TH, 2014

Q:  Do you convert pedal bikes to electric (electric front hub kits)? If so, what are your hours Friday/Saturday?

A:  We do have conversion kits that you can buy but do not currently install them here at the shop.   They can be anywhere from $400-$700 for just the kit alone.  There are also complete electric bikes you may want to consider.  Sun Bikes makes a model called
an Electrolite.   Check out the linkl:

Thanks for the question,
Lancaster Bicycle

Q:  What is the best bike rack for a Honda Odessey?

A:  Sorry this took a little longer than I thought but my goal is 
to always provide you with the most educated answer to ensure that
I am keeping your safety a #1 priority.  I wanted to collect some
actual data before I replied to you.

According to some of our biggest rack suppliers this seems to be
the most common reply.

{Thule} does not recommend using any rear strap-mounted bike rack
on the Odyssey, due to the fact that the rear hatch that the rack
would attach to is not strong enough to bear the weight of the rack
and the bikes.

{Yakima} indicates that a strap-mounted rack may be used on the
1999-2004 model years ONLY. If your Odyssey falls into that range,
Yakima offers the QuickBack 3 Bike Rack, part # Y02622. This rack
is not only very easy to install and remove, but it is also good

If your Odyssey is newer than the 2004 model, your best bet would
be to install a hitch and use a hitch mounted bike rack.

Another way around that is to install a roof rack.  All of my 
suppliers have these type of racks.  Most common being a fork 
mount roof rack.  You can add 1 or 4. I would need to know if you
have rails on the vehicle already because that would be an extra
cost to consider.  I will do whatever I can to get you the very
best price that I can and also something that you're going to use
for a long time.

Thanks for considering Lancaster Bicycle!

Q:  I will be in town for the Lancaster Festival from July 14-July
27.  Do you rent bikes?  I am flying in and was hoping to use a bike
to get around while I am performing at the festival.

If a rental is not an option, please let me know if you have any 
bikes for sale that you would recommend I buy while in town for 2
weeks. I am a 5'7" female used to riding on a mountain bike or a 
hybrid type.

A:  Yes I do rental bicycles.

I only have 2 set up at this moment that seem to fit the general 
public as far as sizing.  We just starting renting this season so I
haven't had the opportunity to build up inventory yet.  Current 
bikes are priced at $75/week.  Prices do fluctuate with different 
bicycles but that price at least gives you an idea for cost.

Buying a bicycle is certainly an option as well, but unless you have
friends or family here willing to store it, the bicycle would need 
to be shipped back home to you.  That could be anywhere from 
$80-$100 UPS ground.

Whatever the case, I'd be more than happy to assist you either way.

Thanks for the question,

Lancaster Bicycle
STEVEN: JUNE 3, 2014 
Q: I stopped by your shop a couple weeks ago and inquired about
having some maintenance done on my bike. You indicated "no problem",
so I wanted to see if I could set an appointment to drop off my
bike for the following work: 1. Either service or replace the 
main (pedal operated) bearing. It clicks constantly and the noise
does not appear to be from any other loose parts.  2. Replace my
tires and brake pads. I will be taking a week-long ride through
OH in 10 days and wanted to be ready for what the road throws at
me. I have a hybrid Schwinn Searcher (I think). Can I bring this
by soon? What kind of turnaround can I expect? 

Thanks for your consideration.

A:  You can bring your bicycle in anytime no appointment is 
necessary.  I would suggest a Mon, Wed or Fri if you want to
talk with the mechanic otherwise I can take notes and have him
call you when he is able to get to your bicycle.  At this 
moment we are waiting for parts on 2 bicycles and have 2 in the
stands that are next in line.  As long as we have the proper
parts for your bicycle, bearings & tires it sounds like, I don't
see any problem with being able to get your bicycle back by 
Thanks for the question,
Lancaster Bicycle
VIC: MAY 31, 2014

Q:  Looking to get a tune up and grips. Can I get a
price range for the tune up and when a good time to drop off my bike?

A:  Tune Ups range in price from $40 - $120 (Basic, Complete & Overhaul)
depending on what is needed.  Its best to bring the bicycle in for an
accurate quote as things may be suggested once seeing the bicycle in
person.  My mechanic is here Mon, Wed & Fridays from 11-7.  He is very
good and very thorough.

Grips are the #1 item that we usually have a large selection on hand.  We
carry ODI, Lizard Skins, Sram, Eastern, Coalition and several other
brands.  They range in price from about $9.99 - $34.99.

You can drop off bicycles on any day.  Calls and emails are always
welcomed as well.

Thanks for your question,

Lancaster Bicycle
FRED: MARCH 29, 2014

Q: Am interested in a two-bike carrier to be used alternately with
a 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan and 2010 Chevy Malibu.  Non hitch and
non-roof type (safely strapped to back lift gate or on Malibu's
trunk (non-marring in either case).

A:  Unfortunately there is no perfect trunk mounted rack with a
"non-marring" chance.  There is contact points with the vehicle
so there is the chance (especially with extended use) that over
time wear will be evident.  Other customers have attempted to 
add extra cushion but found it only made the rack less secure.  
To give you the best experience with any rack, tension must be
equal between all straps and even readjusted once the bikes are

I have found some models that you can easily use between the two
vehicle, 2010 Chevy Malibu & 2005 Dodge Gr. Caravan.  Attaching
parts numbers & MSRP.  We can beat any of these prices as well.

THULE:  TH910XT - $129.95, TH9006XT - $159.95 , TH9009XT - $199.95,
TH9001XT - $279.95
YAKIMA: YO2624 - $165.00 , YO2629 - $129.00

Please follow the links for pictures.

Thank you for considering Lancaster Bicycle!
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